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P-6 Portable Automatic Resuscitator

P-6 portable automatic resuscitator features: 1. Ensure airway, attract mouth foreign body;2. Automatic artificial respiration.3 humidified oxygen.

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Introduction Of P-6 Portable Automatic Resuscitator

1. make sure the airway unblocked, attract mouth foreign body.
2. automatic artificial respiration.
3. humidified oxygen.
4. operated by a button operation, easy to use.
5. small, lightweight, compact and easy to carry and move. Pneumatic air control, no power.
6. In addition to inhale oxygen, it is equipped with adjustable respiratory rate and oxygen concentration automated artificial respiration, can be used for breathing difficulties, breathing stops. Before the arrival of the ambulance, emergency power play.
7. on stretchers or in the car, you can use the side while moving the patient. Especially suitable for community clinics, factories, mines, fire, hospital transfer and so on. Even non-professionals can freely use.
8. only the oxygen consumption, if filling of oxygen, it  can be used repeatedly.
9. beats artificial respiration can be automatically, manually, free conversion to the corresponding input airway or cardiac massage.

Parameters Of P-6 Portable Automatic Resuscitator

P-6 Portable Automatic ResuscitatorP-6 Portable Automatic Resuscitator

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