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Winch electric control device

Hoist winch electric control device system includes the main control system, monitoring system, TH1-24 (12) Intrinsically Safe console and PB1-24 type touch panel boxes and ZFL-D mine explosion-proof

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Winch electric control device system components

1、Master system: PLC1 constitute complete hoist control and protective functions.

a)Complete hoist manual, maintenance, and other operating mode control.

b)Complete hoist logic control and locking.

c)Complete drive system operation control and speed reference.

d)Complete control of the system and enhance the signal and mutual atresia.

e)Complete hoist mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and other aspects of the fault detection, alarm and protection function. Right as overwinding, constant speeding, failure to implement significant deceleration speeding multiple hardware and software protection.

f)Complete shaft encoder disconnection between the monitoring and protection.

g)The formation of the hardware and software safety circuit safety circuit, the two mutually redundant, interlocked.

h)Achieve hoist brake hydraulic brake system work control and security gates.

i)Able to hoist the location, speed measurement and digital indication.

j)In accordance with the nature of the fault, improve system fault is divided into three categories: immediate and safe brake failure, the first electrical safety after braking brake failure is not allowed after the completion of this car again driving faults.

2、Monitoring system: PLC2 composition, its position detection shaft encoders use a separate one. Its main functions are as follows:

a)Achieve the speed of Transmission system travel of the independent variable given complete position control.

b)Automatically generate position - velocity envelope curve, complete hoist speed monitoring.

c)Complete the required two-wire overwinding, speeding, speed, deceleration and other protection.

d)Compared with the master position signal and velocity signals of PLC1 output system,completed two PLC system monitoring functions.

e)Formed Software safety circuit and with other mutually redundant safety circuit with latching.

f)When PLC1 fault in the master system, they can complete the hoist control.

3、TH1-24 (12) Intrinsically Safe console and PB1-24 touch screen box

Intrinsically safe operation platform integrated intelligent panel installed flameproof boxes, using the slide way, demolition installation is very convenient. The security console and control box equipped with 10-inch touch screen and Siemens S7-200 series PLC, is the frequency winch control system control, operation and graphics core, the whole system is controlled and monitored, and generate velocity maps and current trends and run history.

4、ZFL-D mine explosion-proof encoders

The system used a total of two mine explosion encoder for monitoring the hoist position, speed and other signals. Mine explosion-proof encoders were sampled beginning and end of the transmission system, the formation of two independent position signal and the speed signal, generating constant speed, fixed speed, slow speed, overspeed protection and other protection, to achieve protection of the dual system.

Winch electric control device Technical parameters

1、Input supply voltage AC660V, frequency 50Hz; voltage fluctuation allowed -15% to +15%; frequency allows the fluctuation range ± 2.5%;

2、Output frequency range 0 ~ 50Hz continuously adjustable;

3、Rated output power: 400KW

4、Overload 1.5IN two minutes, 2 IN one minute;

5、A higher power factor COSΦ> 0.98;

6、The vector control, the low-frequency operation, to ensure 200% of the output torque;

7、Inverter with overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, power components overheating and lack of equal protection of the motor, a fault memory function, can keep the last 10 faults function number and last fault parameters;

8、Total harmonic content <5%.

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