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Mining Rescue Capsule

Mining rescue capsule is generally airtight cabin structure, and has a certain volume. According to specific needs, it's usually made of steel, hard alloy materials with characteristics of good fastn

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Introduction Of Mining Rescue Capsule

Now about mine safety, domestic mines have no good measures. To protect the safety of personnel after the disaster occurred,  the design of a steel rescue capsule with drinking water and food inside is useful as the emergency shelter. When people in distress can not evacuate the danger zone quickly, he can hid into the rescue capsule, and the survivors can escape the toxic gases, smoke and other harmful fumes and lack of oxygen without external energy supply. The rescue cabin has a positive and significant meaning for saving mine survivors.

Parameters Of Mining Rescue Capsule

Mine rescue capsule consists of the following nine components

1. the safety protection system

2. the oxygen supply security system

3. air purification, temperature and humidity control system

4. Environmental Monitoring System

5. the air curtain and positive pressure to keep the system

6. communication systems

7. illuminated indicating system

8. the power supply system

9. the life-support system

1) airlock airlock system uses a key control, easy to operate. Transition between the cabin and living spaces protective doors, personnel from entering the airlock, the air curtain colleagues turned against external toxic gases into the living space with the staff.

2) living spaces is mainly for mine personnel during disasters living space, communications equipment, food, water, configuration support systems, air purification systems, temperature and humidity control systems, environmental monitoring systems.

3) Place the main equipment bay equipment cabin air conditioning unit, spare batteries, communication systems, and environmental monitoring equipment.

Pictures Of Mining Rescue Capsule

Mining Rescue CapsuleMining Rescue Capsule

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