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Coal Refuge Chambers

The safety coal refuge chamber can withstand up to 15 psi of overpressure providing safe haven during an underground emergency. Constructed with explosion resistant thick steel walls and reinforced do

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Introduction Of Coal Refuge Chambers

The refuge chamber is a rugged, steel-constructed emergency chamber equipped with a breathing air system that provides fresh, breathable air free of hazardous gases and smoke. Constructed with explosion resistant thick steel walls and reinforced doors, windows and hinges.

Standard & custom sizes-strata safety refuge chambers are available in standard & custom sizes to meet individual customer needs. This includes custom length and heights of the structure.

Air-tight chamber design provides immediate supply of breathable air upon entry.

Main Characteristics Coal Refuge Chambers

Robust construction-engineered and constructed to withstand 15 psi overpressure. Fresh, breathable air supply system-provides up to 96 hour air supply from medical grade oxygen and compressed air tanks. CO2 scrubber system-patent pending CO2 scrubber powered by compressed air removes carbon dioxide using soda lime chemicals.

Parameters Of Coal Refuge Chambers

model capacity height M width M length M weight KG
JYC-96/04 4people 2.1 2.4 5 8250
JYC-96/08 8people 2.1 2.4 6 9200
JYC-96/12 12people 2.1 2.4 7 10150
JYC-96/16 16people 2.1 2.4 8 12100
JYC-96/20 20people 2.1 2.4 9 13050
JYC-96/24 24people 2.1 2.4 10 15000
JYC-96/28 28people 2.1 2.4 11 16950
JYC-96/32 32people 2.1 2.4 12 18900
JYC-96/40 40people 2.1 2.4 14 20850

Pictures Of Coal Refuge Chambers

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