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China Coal Group Youth League Committee Participate In The Theme Of The 100th Anniversary Of The May Fourth Movement In Jining High-Tech Zone

Date: 05/05/2019   View: 59  Tags: Youth League Committee The May 4th Movement

In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, deeply understand the historical significance of the May 4th Movement, deeply excavate the epochal connotation of the spirit of the May 4th Movement, take history as a mirror and a teacher, and further study and implement the important speech spirit of the General Secretary during the fourteenth collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. On the afternoon of April 29, Jining High-tech Zone commemorated the May 4th Movement by "carrying forward the spirit of the May 4th Movement and shouldering the youth mission bravely". The 100th anniversary study seminar was held at Haida Xingzhi School in Jining. More than 700 people, including the secretaries of various organs, enterprises, streets, School League committees and outstanding youth representatives, and the student representatives of Haida Xingzhi School, attended the seminar. The conference was chaired by Li Zinan, Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Jining High-tech Zone. Zhao Wei, member of the 10th Committee of Jining Youth Federation, Secretary of the League Committee of China Coal Group, Wang Chen, Wan Changchang and Chen He, outstanding youth representatives of China Coal Group, were invited to participate in the event.

The activity began with the chorus of the youth delegates of the Chinese Communist Youth League song "Glory, the Chinese Communist Youth League". The exciting singing ignited the enthusiasm of the scene. Subsequently, Professor Du Aihua of Jining Party School wrote a special report on "Inheriting the Spirit of the May 4th Movement without Mission". Professor Du led us to review the glorious history of the May 4th Movement, reviewed the great practice of Chinese youth under the correct leadership of the Communist Party of China, and emphasized that the majority of young people should keep history in mind, never forget their first thoughts, and unite closely around the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as its core. Understand the magnificence of youth and the true meaning of life in struggle!

At the end of the special report, Zhao Wei, Secretary of the League Committee of China Coal Mine Group, was invited to speak as an outstanding youth representative. She talked freely about her self-perception in the light of Professor Du's report and the May 4th Spirit. She called on all of us, as young people in the new era, to follow the wishes of General Secretary Xi: "Firm ideals, lofty-minded, down-to-earth, brave tide-makers of the times, and realize the vivid reality of the Chinese dream." Fly your youth dream in practice and write your life chapter in unremitting struggle! The brilliant speech aroused strong resonance among the young people attending the meeting, and stimulated their patriotism and national pride. Finally, the student representatives from Haida Xingzhi School performed excellent theme shows, which won warm applause from the scene, and the activity ended in a heated melody.

The China Coal Group Youth League was established on September 10, 2016. It has 5 group branches. The group has 1,100 employees, including 770 young people under 35 years old, accounting for 70% of the total number of employees; 403 members. Under the guidance, care and support of the Party Committee of the Group and the Youth League Committee of the High-tech Zone, the Youth League Committee of the China Coal Group actively played the guiding role of the Youth League, inspiring the young people to innovate and start businesses on the China Coal Platform, encouraging youth service dedication, promoting youth growth and talents, and cultivating An outstanding young team who dares to innovate, be brave and passionate, and achieves a win-win situation for personal, business and social development!


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