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Congratulations To China Coal Group And Jining City Technician College For Achieving School-Enterprise Cooperation

Date: 28/04/2019   View: 72  Tags: School-Enterprise Cooperation

On April 24, the signing ceremony of the cooperation between China Coal Group and Jining City technicians and colleges was held. Wang Zhimin, deputy dean of Jining Technician College, Chen Jianjun, director of the Department of Information Technology, and Yan Yunbo, head of the school-enterprise cooperation department, attended the school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony. Li Zhenbo, executive deputy general manager of China Coal Group and general manager of E-commerce Company, Fan Peigong, executive deputy general manager of the group, and Feng Yuyang, head of human resources of the group, attended the delegation on behalf of the group.

At the symposium, Li Zhenbo gave a detailed introduction to the development of China Coal Group in various fields such as e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, intelligent equipment manufacturing and software R&D in recent years. It also highlights the outstanding achievements of our group in school-enterprise cooperation and electrician talent training, which is highly praised by the college leaders.

In recent years, China Coal Group has actively built a school-enterprise integration, production, research and development model, and has successively worked with Shandong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China University of Mining and Technology, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Yantai Nanshan College, Shandong Translation Foreign Affairs College, Jining College, Shandong Polytechnic The college, Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College, Jining Vocational and Technical College, Zaozhuang Vocational College of Science and Technology and many other universities across the country have reached a school-enterprise cooperation alliance, set up a Chinese coal crown class or order class, set up a practice teaching base, e-commerce training base Strengthening cooperation with university personnel training and scientific research and development, and training a group of innovative e-commerce leading talents with high quality and high skills. Serving the society has also laid a solid talent foundation for the Group's global development strategy. Achieved a win-win situation for the development of schools and enterprises!

At the meeting, President Wang highly praised the Group's outstanding achievements in e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, software R&D, and talent training. He said that China Coal Group is engaged in e-commerce, school-enterprise cooperation, Talent training and other fields are at the forefront of the province. Jining City Technician College is a national key technical school. It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen the strategic cooperation between Jining City Technician College and China Coal Group through school-enterprise cooperation and establishment of practice base. To better realize the two-way interaction between the employment of college graduates and the talent demand of large enterprises!

Finally, after deep exchanges and negotiations, the two sides reached strategic cooperation in the training of electric traders, the construction of internship bases, enrollment and employment, and on-the-job training. Li Zhenbo, executive deputy general manager of China Coal Group and general manager of E-commerce Company, and technicians from Jining City Wang Zhimin, the deputy dean of the college, signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement. The leaders of the two sides took a group photo and the signing ceremony of the school-enterprise cooperation was a complete success!


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