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Warmly Welcome Experts from Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Chinese Academy of Sciences to Visit the Group

Date: 23/04/2019   View: 73  Tags: Leaders visit technological innovation

April 22 afternoon, Jining city technology bureau of the party group members and deputy director, Jining institute executive vice dean Su Zhen, Shandong comprehensive technology transfer center of Chinese academy of sciences researcher Zhang Sichen, researcher at the institute of Chinese academy of sciences metal Hu Xiaoqiang, Qingdao institute of bioenergy and process of the Chinese academy of sciences, deputy researcher Dr Ann build, Hefei institute of public safety emergency engineering center of tsinghua university, executive director of Heze city public security institute wisdom field XiaoMeng, Heze wisdom city public security institute, director of the center for fire safety Ding Zhaoling, Heze city public security institute of scientific and technological achievements transformation center wisdom Fu Yanhui experts such as a line to visit group, Qu qing, chairman of the group, Han yong, general manager of the group, executive deputy general manager of the group, Li Zhenbo, general manager of the e-commerce company, Fan Peigong, executive deputy general manager of the group, Guan Chenghui, deputy secretary of the party committee of the group and other leaders accompanied the reception. 

Visiting leader line visited group enterprise culture exhibition hall, intelligent product exhibition hall, e-commerce company, cross-border e-commerce companies, such as network information, software technology, visit, group deputy general manager, electricity Li Zhenbo, the general manager of our company in my group in recent years, cross-border e-commerce in electronic commerce, intelligent equipment manufacturing, software development and other aspects of development leadership made a detailed introduction to visit, and focus on my group in enterprise innovation technology transformation, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the main achievements, has received the visiting leaders and experts spoke highly of and fully recognized.

Made in China as a large manufacturing enterprises, the group actively response 2025 national strategic planning, accelerating the old and new kinetic energy transformation, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, set up the institute of China coal industry intelligence, through the introduction of foreign advanced robot technology concept, the development of China's intelligent products, has successfully developed industrial robot, restaurant service robots, intelligent household robots, entertainment robots, fire-fighting robot, high-tech unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), 3 d printing devices, intelligent security equipment such as high-end intelligent product more, I also reached cooperation with several universities and research institutes, It actively builds a dual platform for technology and industry incubation, and plays an important leading role in driving demonstration in overcoming intelligent manufacturing problems, transforming intelligent scientific research achievements, exporting leading models and incubating innovative enterprises.

Tightly around the country at the same time, I group vigorously implement the strategy of innovation driven development, actively developing e-commerce industry supply chain, increasing enterprise big data and cloud platform construction, relying on the China coal group in the machinery manufacturing industry technical precipitation and customer accumulated for many years, independent development operating Internet platform, the machinery industry ore cloud and so on six big electric business platform, for the group, government, society and the various industries to provide comprehensive services, has been listed as a national demonstration project in 2018, the new information consumption, in Shandong province focus on e-commerce platform, etc.

Through the visit, the visiting experts fully affirmed the achievements of our group in the transformation and development of enterprise science and technology innovation. Experts point out that, the group as the provincial science and technology business incubators in Shandong province. also, the transformation of the enterprise technological innovation is the Jining city and even the whole model, hope that the next step of China coal group and the city institute, Chinese academy of sciences to strengthen communication and cooperation, actively create double platform of technology and industry incubation, together for the whole city into intelligent leading scientific research achievements, output mode, hatch innovation enterprise aspects play an important exemplary role.

Canal chairman said, thanks to the leaders and experts to the transformation of China coal group innovation development achievements fully affirmed, the next step, the group will actively with city institute and production professionals and strengthen the cooperative communication of Chinese academy of sciences, constantly increase investment in science and technology research and development, and promote scientific and technological innovation ability, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, better for the economic transformation in the city and even the whole development power!


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