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Warmly Welcome Beijing Expert Hu Changquan and His Delegation to Visit the Group for Guidance

Date: 13/04/2019   View: 7  Tags: Beijing expert management consulting

On April 12 in the afternoon, Beijing Hua Xia wisdom link management consulting co., LTD., general manager, chief consultant, Renmin university of China MBA admission interview perennial examiner, institute of economics and management, tsinghua university MBA distinguished lecturer Hu Changquan outside line to group Tours, khoyama f green, general manager, chairman of the canal, group deputy general manager Li Zhenbo, Fan Peigong, mirror group, deputy party secretary of Guan Chenghui, group deputy general manager Yu Cui, cross-border business general manager Zhang Wen, Shandong Shenhua Lu Haiyong information technology co., LTD., general manager, general manager of limited company of Shandong carter intelligent robot Wang Hui leadership accompanied by reception.

Experts on canal chairman visited the group enterprise culture exhibition hall, cross-border e-commerce company, network information, software technology company, group electricity company, the electricity company, etc., to visit, the group deputy general manager, and electricity company Li Zhenbo, general manager of China coal group in cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce, intelligence, and other fields of research and development of equipment manufacturing, software development has made the detailed introduction, and expounds the group's current organization management mode, and the next step development strategy planning, the expert's consistent high praise.

Large-scale enterprise group is a cross-industry, diversified development, now has 36 firms, including 1 3 Hong Kong companies, British cayman company, one American company, staff 1100 people, is the national ministry of industry, the ministry of commerce, the national development and reform commission and ministry of science and technology cultivate support of intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce, software development, smart logistics in one of the large diversified industrial group. In order to respond to 2025 strategic planning, made in China to speed up the pace of old and new kinetic energy conversion, the group strongly layout of intelligent manufacturing, big data and cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, film &TV, wisdom, tourism, education, training, business incubation and so on a variety of industries, in the platform construction, cross-border business, entrepreneurial innovation and so on various aspects have made significant breakthrough.

Group since its establishment to implement the development strategy of globalization of the world, look around the world, to join the United Nations global market success, and officially became a member of the UN global compact organization, at present China coal group's production and sales of more than kinds of products sell well in more than 151 countries and regions in the world, 480000, global customers in the global fired coal brand! At the same time, the group's self-developed and operated cross-border e-commerce e-mine cloud platform has been rated as a key support platform for national cross-border e-commerce, a national new consumption pilot project, and an excellent industry cloud platform in Shandong province, making a positive contribution to the transformation of old and new drivers and industrial transformation and upgrading across the country.

Symposium, Hu told me group globalization development strategy and booster in the process of the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprise by information industry to make outstanding achievements gave a high praise, he said, in the development process of any enterprise will face many management problems, particularly in the enterprise into a new field or implementing a new strategy, enterprise management consulting team can stand in the perspective of a third party, view tends to be more objective comprehensive. Today by visiting, China coal group in business management, organizational structure, the respect such as development planning is very positive, hope to have the opportunity to further cooperation and the China coal group, we will with the most professional, most scientific point of view and method, for the next step of transformation and upgrading of China coal group, internationalization to provide the most professional services, sustainable and healthy development for the enterprise.

Canal chairman, said the group after 25 years of development, reform and innovation constantly, have had some experience in enterprise management and results, with the advent of the era of AI now, we are standing at a new starting point, the group is toward a higher goal, so we really need a professional business management experts, the next step for the group of sustainable and stable development of scientific improvement scheme and guide their implementation, better improve the level of enterprise management, improve enterprise operating efficiency, accelerating group globalization develop high quality!


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