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Warmly Welcome the Leaders of Huawei to Visit China Coal Group

Date: 08/04/2019   View: 34  Tags: Huawei visit

Morning of April 4, Huawei technologies co., LTD., deputy general manager of EBG Shandong area Li Chaojun line to China coal group, cloud, AI intelligence on companies, software development and other fields to visit cooperation and other related matters, China coal group chairman, drainage, group deputy general manager Li Zhenbo, Fan Peigong, Shandong Shen Hua accompanied Lu Haiyong information technology co., LTD., general manager and other leaders reception.

Li line first visited China coal group company culture exhibition hall, visit the group deputy general manager Li Zhenbo as far as I in e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, AI intelligent manufacturing, software development, a new industry, and other fields of development achievements made a detailed introduction and future planning, and expounds the I group in recent years in 5 g, big data and cloud computing has made outstanding achievements, experts by Huawei's consistent high praise.

Made in China in recent years, China coal group, the positive response of 2025 national strategic planning, to promote the old and new kinetic energy transformation, enhance the level of manufacturing industry and Internet integration development, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, through the introduction of foreign advanced robot technology philosophy, has successfully developed industrial robot, restaurant service robots, intelligent household robots, fire entertainment robots, robot, caterpillar explosive-handling robot, agricultural plant protection UAV intelligent many industrial products, such as contributing to the rapid development of artificial intelligence industry! In order to better use of 5 g communications, artificial intelligence, the Internet industry, IOT booster manufacturing advanced technology development, the group has formed a investment of Jining coal intelligent technology research institute, strive for in, transformation smart intelligent manufacturing problems in scientific research, leading output mode, hatch innovation enterprises play a important role in promoting demonstration!

Excellent industry in Shandong province as the first cloud provider, China coal group, and actively carry out the enterprise cloud work, successively with Huawei cloud, Kingsoft cloud group, mobile information service enterprises such as cloud reach partners, actively build industrial cloud, cloud, cloud application and service system, including the operation of the China coal group developed hundred million mine network cloud platform on the enterprise in Shandong province was named cloud platform, excellent industry for Jining city in Shandong province and even made a positive contribution to the development of enterprises on the cloud!

At the symposium, general manager li spoke highly of our group's outstanding achievements in enterprise cloud, artificial intelligence, software research and development and other fields. China coal group, he said, is the enterprise in Shandong province on the cloud, big data and cloud computing key enterprises, in the field of big data and cloud computing construction walk in the forefront of the province, is the benchmarking and example for the transformation of traditional enterprise modernization, next want to deepen the two sides in the big data, cloud computing, AI intelligence, and other fields of strategic cooperation, achieve a win-win development.

Mr. Li expressed his gratitude to Mr. Li of Huawei and other experts for their full recognition of the development achievements of China national coal corporation. "smart +" will bring about the deep integration of technology and industry and the optimization and upgrading of economic structure. A new round of technological revolution may be around the corner. As Huawei's ecological partner, China coal group, the next step is to strengthen and Huawei technologies co., LTD., the depth of the strategic cooperation, actively promote 5 g technology and cloud computing, big data, the depth of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, ETC, to inject new power group, the future development of globalization, new era for everything connected intelligent contribution strength!


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