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Warm Congratulations to Zhong Yun Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. On Its Successful Registration and Approval

Date: 01/04/2019   View: 7  Tags: Zhong Yun new company

In order to actively expand new business areas, recently, approved by the state administration of market supervision and administration, Zhong Yun heavy industry machinery co., ltd. successfully registered and successfully approved in the regional enterprises. With a registered capital of 50 million yuan, the company mainly engages in the manufacturing and sales of construction machinery, crane equipment, environmental protection equipment, agricultural machinery and accessories. Technical consultation and service for machinery manufacturing; Mechanical equipment, electrical equipment maintenance; Metal products processing; Manufacture and maintenance of metal containers; Automobile and accessories, metal materials, motor, electrical equipment, construction materials sales; Packing case manufacturing; The import and export business of goods and technologies is a modern enterprise integrating the r&d, manufacturing and sales of heavy machinery equipment and structural parts.

According to our country "enterprise name registers administrative carry out method" regulation, the registered capital of the enterprise without area should not be less than 50 million yuan, and must pass state administration for industry and commerce to examine strictly at every level, just can use the enterprise name that does not contain administrative division. In theory, region-free enterprises do not have clear regional attributes and are a true combination of diversified capitals. From the current development status of some developed countries in the world, it has become an important trend to downplay the regional attributes of enterprises.

The establishment of Zhong Yun heavy industry machinery co., ltd. has no regional restrictions, and the enterprise development space will be broader, which is of great significance for the company to expand the global market and enhance brand awareness in the next step! In the future, the company will actively respond to the made in China 2025 national development strategy, vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing, adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation, continue to innovate marketing model, expand business channels, improve brand building, with quality products, perfect service for the mechanical industry to make a positive contribution to the development of innovation!


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