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Warmly Welcome General Manager Xu of China Coal Science and Industry Group to Visit China Coal Group

Date: 30/03/2019   View: 7  Tags: Leaders visit inspect cooperation

On March 29, Xu Zhong, chairman and general manager of Beijing Tian Di Long Yue science and technology co., LTD of China coal science and industry corporation visited China national coal group. Li Zhenbo, executive deputy general manager of China national coal group, Fan Peigong and other leaders accompanied and received them.

Consul general Xu line visited China coal group company culture exhibition hall, in intelligent product exhibition hall, China coal machinery factory, machinery factory, software technology, network information, cross-border electricity companies, coal in the business, the electricity company, visit, lee is cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce, the development of intelligent equipment manufacturing and other fields made in detail, and introduced the China coal group in software development, big data and cloud computing and predominantly million mine network cloud platform six big electric business platform operation, by the consul general Xu's consistent high praise.

At the symposium, general manager Xu spoke highly of the achievements of our group in the innovation and development of industrial Internet and the outstanding contributions made by e-mine cloud platform in promoting the transformation and development of enterprises. Shandong China coal group, he says, is benchmarking and example in the transformation of traditional enterprise modernization, today we will visit is to learn, China coal science working group is directly regulate the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council of the central large technology companies, Beijing lue of heaven and earth science and technology co., LTD., as a subsidiary, is a high-tech enterprises, strong technical development strength, hope is the next step has the opportunity to strengthen the scientific research cooperation in the future development, project cooperation, product cooperation, through the combination, complementary advantages, formation of high and new technology industry coalition partners, In technology research and development, platform operation and personnel exchanges and other aspects of mutual help to achieve win-win development of both sides of the enterprise!

In recent years, China coal group, vigorously implement the strategy of innovation driven development, closely around the country in the positive development of industry supply chain of e-commerce at the same time, increasing enterprise big data and cloud platform construction, relying on the China coal group in coal machinery industry technology precipitation and customer accumulated for many years, operating the self-developed coal machinery industry industrial Internet platforms - million ore cloud and so on six big electric business platform, for the group, government, society and the various industries to provide comprehensive services, successively in 2018, listed by the state ministry of new information consumption demonstration projects, such as Shandong province focus on e-commerce platform.

Lee said, thank you very much for strengthening the development of China coal group achievement recognition, we are very willing to work with Beijing lue of heaven and earth science and technology co., LTD., strengthen the depth of cooperation in the field of multiple, give full play to their respective advantages, in order to common development and long-term cooperation as the goal, to better promote bilateral cooperation in the field of Internet software research and development and win-win!


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