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The Group Was Invited To Attend the 2019 Huawei China Ecological Partner Conference

Date: 22/03/2019   View: 46  Tags: Huawei artificial intelligence

On March 21, 2019, Huawei, China's ecological partner conference in Fuzhou strait held a grand international conference and exhibition center, conference on "due to gather intelligence evolution" as the theme, to the guests from all areas of the country's nearly 30000 show intelligent era of change, and further discuss how to grasp the opportunity, actively promote the ecological evolution, meet the challenges of the era of intelligence. As Huawei's ecological partner, the group was invited to participate in this grand meeting. Li Zhenbo and Fan Peigong, executive deputy general managers of the group, attended the event on behalf of the group.

Conference, Huawei enterprise BG China Cai Yinghua, Huawei enterprise BG wisdom park, President Su Baohua Huawei executives, such as Neusoft group co., LTD., chairman and CEO Liu Jiren, and so on a number of industry elite to bring us the 10 fascinating keynote, from various angles expounds the intelligent era of opportunities and challenges, interpret the AI on the ecological value of ascension, intelligent digital era of industry transformation of future trends are discussed. The conference also invited Lang Ping, head coach of China national women's volleyball team, to share with you the successful practice of breaking through and changing oneself and embracing the era of intelligence.

This conference not only has a wonderful keynote speech, but also opened more than 50 BBS, presenting a feast of ideas with wisdom collision for the participants. Attended the morning after the speech, the theme of the 21 afternoon, the group deputy general manager Li Zhenbo and Fan Peigong respectively attended the "think tank", radio, film and Internet + AI and wisdom, wisdom, application and practice, a new era of hospital marketing several points such as BBS, site with higher-ups to explore communication industry hotspot in each field, cutting-edge technology, to share the experience.

As Huawei this year, the conference site to build the first domestic "intelligent island" immersive experience, through 5 g, the Internet of things, Huawei technologies such as cloud, get through the connection of "island, the hall, hall", realize intelligent experience without borders, which means that all the guests to attend the conference will enter a immersive experience unprecedented intelligent application space, such as intelligent electric police, water conservancy, fail to stop capturing of wisdom, and 4 k clear trend monitoring, ultra wide channel face recognition, face recognition hotel, more intelligent bus, street light, intelligent conference room, wisdom retail, intelligent perimeter, and many other intelligent application scenarios, Let the participants really feel the application value of intelligent facilities.

In recent years, the group actively respond to a nation, accelerating the old and the new kinetic energy conversion, through the introduction of foreign advanced robot technology philosophy, has successfully developed industrial robot, restaurant service robots, intelligent household robots, entertainment robots, fire-fighting robot, high-tech agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), 3 d printing devices, intelligent security equipment such as intelligent product more, for the artificial intelligence made positive contributions to the rapid development of the industry! At the same time, the group in Shandong province as the first "cloud" on the enterprise cloud platform service provider industry, actively carry out the enterprise on the work of cloud, successively with Huawei cloud, Kingsoft cloud group, mobile information service enterprises such as cloud of a partner, to build industrial cloud, cloud, cloud application and service system, and actively promote 5 g technology and cloud computing, big data, the depth of the Internet of things, the respect such as artificial intelligence fusion, for all things connected smart made great contributions to the new era!

Li said that he was very glad to attend the Huawei China ecological partner conference. Today, through listening to the wonderful speeches of many industry giants, we have a deeper understanding of the digital transformation of the industry in the era of intelligence. In today's digital transformation strategies of many enterprises, AI plays an important role. By combining with industrial application scenarios, AI can further release the data potential accumulated by enterprises, inject fresh blood into businesses and promote business innovation and upgrading. In 2019, the group will strengthen the deep strategic cooperation with Huawei, gather partners, form a legion, use ubiquitous connection, all-encompassing intelligence, create digital bottom layer, and build a new intelligent ecology!


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