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The Human Resources Department of the Group Organizes and Carries Out Business Etiquette Training

Date: 18/03/2019   View: 40  Tags: Business etiquette training

In order to further improve the electric business team business service ability, establish a good corporate image, promote the general cadre staff's professionalism, on March 16 in the afternoon, group human resources organization in enterprise business etiquette training, group deputy general manager, the electricity business Li Zhenbo, the general manager of our company to attend and speak, training Feng Yuyang presided over by the group, the human resources director. More than 40 business personnel from various e-commerce companies of the group participated in the on-site training.

The training class was given by Qian Kunqi from the party committee office of the group. Training site, the teacher money through vivid language and wonderful demonstration, from the meter office etiquette, etiquette, manners and etiquette, seating etiquette in business contacts, four aspects were situated in a thorough systematically explained the business etiquette reception related content, and through the field interaction in the form of students live demonstration, let everybody have a more intuitive knowledge of business etiquette, the course content is rich, easy to operate, and professional and you have said. Through the training, we have a new and more comprehensive understanding of business etiquette, and further realize the importance of business etiquette in daily work, which plays a very positive role in improving the comprehensive quality of employees.

After the training, Mr. Li made a summary speech. He fully affirmed the significance and effect of the business etiquette training, and asked each employee to internalize the training content in the heart and externalize in the line, form the corresponding code of conduct and apply it in the future work, strengthen the quality inside, shape the image outside, build a more professional team, and provide more standardized and high-quality service for domestic and foreign customers!


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