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Warm Congratulations to the Group Won the Jining High-Tech Zone "Meritorious Women Advanced Collective" Honorary Title

Date: 07/03/2019   View: 3  Tags: Women's day honors

On the morning of March 6, a ceremony was held in Jining high-tech zone to commemorate the 109th anniversary of international women's day. Che Lili, member of the party work committee and secretary of the discipline inspection committee of Jining high-tech zone, Yu Lingdong, deputy secretary of the party work committee of the high-tech zone, and vice minister of the publicity department of the party work committee of the high-tech zone attended the commendation meeting and presented awards to the winners. The meeting was presided over by Li Yuefeng, minister of publicity department of Jining high-tech zone. Yang Qingqing, director of the women's federation of the group, attended the meeting on behalf of the group and received the award.

Firstly, on the broad masses of women on the season's greetings, conference pointed out that over the past year, the women were devoted in the reform and development of various undertakings, love and dedication, pioneering spirit, in their respective positions on passion, selfless dedication, active play to the role of the "half the sky", made a positive contribution to economic and social development of the whole. The meeting required that all women in the region should take advanced models as examples, enhance their sense of responsibility, and become a new generation of women with "self-respect, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement" with the ambition of "women should not be outnumbered by men".

After the conference, a lecture on family education was held to guide and help women and families to establish correct family education concepts, master scientific family education methods, and promote family happiness and social harmony.

Business for many years, the group has always attached great importance to women and women's work, to development the important content of protection of the rights and interests of women as a group, under the wise leadership of the group's leadership, the group set up the women's organizations, women's federation firmly adhere to the party to carry out the instructions of the spirit of women work, with the guidance of the municipal women's federation and district women's federation care, give full play to the enterprise party organizations and the bridge and the link between female worker, leading women carry forward "self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance rushed to lead the first" spirit, combine service women and service enterprises, to inspire and mobilize female workers enthusiasm and work enthusiasm. Under its drive, the group company emerged a large number of outstanding female employees, they based on their own work position, to make up the attitude, women do not let men self-confidence spirit, in their ordinary position to make extraordinary achievements, for the group's development, social progress has made outstanding contributions!

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