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Warmly Welcome Leaders from Dai Zhuang Coal Mine of Zibo Mining Bureau to Visit the Group

Date: 28/02/2019   View: 4  Tags: Dai Zhuang Coal Mine Visit

On the morning of February 27th, leaders of Dai Zhuang coal mine of Zibo mining bureau came to visit the group. The group general manager Han Yong, deputy general manager Zhang Zhenguo and manager of the group management company Liu Yu accompanied the leaders to receive them.



Visiting leadership in Han total visited the led group intelligent equipment manufacturing workshop, e-commerce company, cross-border e-commerce companies, such as network information, software technology, visit, Han total for the leaders group is introduced in the electronic commerce, electronic commerce, cross-border intelligent equipment manufacturing and other aspects of the advanced experience and outstanding achievements, was fully recognized by the leadership of the Dai Zhuang coal mine and consistent high praise.

Symposium, Korea's total I group was introduced in detail to make remarkable achievement in recent years in industrial and mining areas, he said, as the contract heavy credit enterprise, the national coal mine equipment and accessories products designated production units, group actively responding to the requirements of the national production safety, strictly control product quality, efforts to improve product quality and safety level, actively carry out mining series product safety certification, has made more than 100 coal security certification, more than 100 product inspection report issued by the provincial technical supervision, fully demonstrated group in mining product safety research and development with solid strength, improve the core competitiveness of the group, Also let the coal brand at home and abroad industry and mining industry to establish a good reputation!

Through field visits, the visiting leaders spoke highly of the manufacturing strength of industrial and mining products and the advanced e-commerce marketing model of our group. Leaders said that today's visit let us have a comprehensive understanding of the group's manufacturing capacity, product technology research and development, e-commerce sales model and other aspects, and feel the group's sincere cooperation, hope to have the opportunity to reach a long-term cooperation with the group.

President Han expressed his gratitude to the leaders of Dai Zhuang coal mine for their full recognition of the group's development achievements. Over the years, the group has been making the mining machinery and equipment proud of the Chinese people as its mission, based on the world and looking to the world, and its products are sold well in 151 countries and regions on six continents. In 2019, our group will continue to carry forward the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, and actively promote the development of industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing industry, so that our products and services enjoy a worldwide reputation!



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