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The Human Resources Department of the Group and Carries Out Induction Training For New Employees In 2019

Date: 21/02/2019   View: 3  Tags: new employee training

In order to help new employees adapt to the working environment as soon as possible, get familiar with the working process and stimulate their enthusiasm for the New Year, the human resources department of the group organized and carried out the induction training activity of 2019 for new employees from February 18th to February 20th, and all the new employees of all departments and companies of the group participated in the training together.

The training lasted three days. Executive deputy general manager of the group, general manager of the e-commerce company, Li Zhenbo, deputy general managers of the group, Yu Cui and Zhang Zhenguo, director of the human resources department of the group, Feng Yuyang, manager of the information company, Ge Jiangbo and Sun Youqiang were the main speakers. Group e-commerce development status, prospects and how to quickly into the team; Product learning methods and skills, information collation and release skills, inquiry processing skills, B2B store registration and matters needing attention, business processes, contract signing and other related issues were explained in detail. This training enables new employees to have a deeper understanding of the group, have a clearer understanding of the group's business, and have more confidence in the future development. They all profuse from it.

After the training, an exchange and sharing activity was held between the group's e-commerce sales elites and new employees. Business elites of all departments actively share their practical work experience, problems encountered and solutions. New employees also actively speak, communicate with each other and learn from each other, which enhances the sense of belonging of new employees, deepens the feelings of new and old employees, and makes old employees play a benchmark role of "pass, help and take".

The induction training for new employees not only stimulated everyone's enthusiasm for work, but also further enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise and made everyone confident about their career development in 2019.We have expressed that we will live up to the expectations of the leaders of the group, grow and progress together with the group, do our own work with a high sense of responsibility and rigorous working attitude, and make efforts to contribute to the development of the group!


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