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Warmly Welcome The National Coal Safety Expert Group To Visit The Group Site Review

Date: 24/01/2019   View: 5  Tags: Coal expert Ann,Review

An Biao morning of January 23 countries mining products safety sign center institute experts Liu Dejun(Fushun), Li Guang (Changsha), Yang Jianxin (Beijing) a line of three people to visit group of coal security certification site assessment, Han Yong of group general manager, group, secretary of the party committee, deputy general manager Feng Zhenying group deputy general manager, the electricity company Li Zhenbo, general manager, deputy general manager, machinery factory director Shao Hua, transport machinery factory production in the factory director in the ray, transport machinery factory in the factory director Liu Yuping, Sheng Lizhong, technical director of Zhong Yun machinery factory, Peng Huanzhang, technical director of machinery factory, Zhu Kun, director of group office and other leaders accompanied him to visit and attend the review meeting.

The group of experts visited the exhibition hall of corporate culture, exhibition hall of intelligent products, software technology company, network information company, cross-border e-commerce company, group e-commerce company, Zhong Yun group e-commerce company, etc.Li Zhenbo, executive deputy general manager of the group and general manager of the e-commerce company, introduced the positive efforts made by our group in the aspect of enterprise production safety in recent years, and won unanimous praise from experts. The experts also visited the machinery plant, Zhong Yun machinery plant and the group's intelligent equipment production and manufacturing workshop, and had a detailed understanding of the production and sales of many types and series of mineral products, as well as a detailed understanding of the series of samples and related technical data.

Experts on the review meeting, coal group attaches great importance to the enterprise safety in production for many years of efforts and mining product safety certification highly, at the same time is related to the production of technical details to put forward the professional advice, and encourage group actively responding to the requirements of the national production safety, strictly the quality pass, to produce more high standards of modern mining machinery and equipment of high and new technology. Finally, after the review expert group's strict, objective and fair examination on the production site, technical data, field inspection, production process and other aspects of the series of mineral products, all the audit indexes of the series of mineral products produced by our group have reached the national coal safety certification standards, and successfully passed the coal safety supervision and review.

As the contract heavy credit enterprise, the national coal mining equipment and accessories products designated production units, Chinese operation equipment 10 strong enterprises, China national machinery industry outstanding enterprises, for many years, the group actively responding to the requirements of the national production safety, strictly control product quality, efforts to improve product quality and safety level, actively carry out coal mine explosion-proof series products certification, has more than 80 mine product smoothly through the national mine product safety certification, products for more than 100 coal mine product inspection report issued by the provincial, municipal technical supervision bureau, It fully proves that the group has strong strength and competitiveness in the safety research and development of mineral products. In 2019, our group will adhere to the enterprise spirit of being responsible for the country, the society and the customers. We will be aggressive, pioneering and innovative, and produce more mining machinery and equipment that meet the national safety standards, so as to repay the market and the society with safe and high-quality products.


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