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China Coal Group Was Invited To Participate In The Shandong Province "Door-To-Door Policy To Help Private Enterprise Development" Tax Policy Publicity Activities

Date: 23/01/2019   View: 4  Tags: Tax revenue policy advocacy

On the afternoon of January 22nd, the 20th session of Shandong new class lecture hall and tax policy promotion activity of "delivering policies to the door to help the development of private enterprises" was held in Jining. The activity invited Dong Hua, vice President of Shandong registered tax agents association and director of Shandong Baicheng tax agents office, as the keynote speaker, to deliver tax policy promotion for the majority of participating enterprises. Han Yong, general manager of China coal group, and Yang Qingqing, chief of finance department, attended the meeting on behalf of the group.

The meeting focused on promoting the development of private enterprises preferential policies, service measures; Individual income tax special additional deductions and other policies for systematic guidance to help enterprises in a timely manner, fully applicable. Preaching activities to focus on, unified answer questions, on-site interaction with the combination of form, through carefully ask need, the careful reading, the closest answer, intention and policy direction, together with the policy implementation, and enterprise development, makes enterprise "with questions, containing the answer", precision policy guidance, to the enterprise, has created a favorable tax environment for the development of private companies, won the praise of the private entrepreneurs.

Han always said, thanks to provincial government to improve the business environment, helping to make active efforts, development of private enterprises operation and healthy development for the enterprise to bring the real tax and a number of reform and development of dividends, greatly stimulated enterprise management business confidence and the power, by listening to today, the development of private enterprises in our province tax preferential policies have a more comprehensive understanding, China coal group, the next step is to make full use of the dividend policy, increase the intensity of enterprise technology innovation, realize group better and faster development!


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