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Warm Congratulations On The Establishment Of Zhong Yun Intelligent Machinery (Yantai) Co., LTD. Trade Union, Women's Federation And Communist Youth League

Date: 18/01/2019   View: 6  Tags: Zhong Yun intelligent machinery Social organizations

On January 17th, China railway intelligent machinery (Yantai) co., ltd. held its inaugural meeting, attended by Qu Qing, chairman of China coal group and China railway group. At the meeting, approved by the board of directors, Zhang Yuanjing was appointed director of the women's federation of the company (one month's probation).Wang Yucui was appointed chairman of the labor union of the company (one month's probation);Wang Xulong was appointed secretary of the communist youth league of the company (one month's probation).

Conference, China coal group, the group chairman canal congratulations on the new elected comrade, he said, China coal group has always attached great importance to trade unions, women's federation, communist youth league work, has established the trade union committee of the party committee, Shandong China coal group in Shandong China coal group, China coal group in Shandong women's committee, the communist youth league committee of Shandong China coal group, and give full play to the leading role of social organizations in the enterprise development and Bridges, actively guide the broad masses of party members, staff, youth, women's contribution wisdom and strength of the group construction.

Canal chairman separately for shipment in intelligent machine (Yantai) co., LTD. Trade unions, women's federation, communist youth league, the next step of work put forward some requirements, he points out that the union to build a bridge of communication enterprise and worker masses, to safeguard a worker rights and interests, building a harmonious labor relations, to further enhance the cohesion and vitality of enterprises; Women's federations should guide women to carry forward the spirit of "self-respect, self-confidence, self-reliance, and striving to be the first to take the lead", combine serving women with serving enterprises, stimulate and mobilize the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of female workers, and better realize the win-win results of individual, enterprise and social development. The communist youth league should fully mobilize the enthusiasm of youth league members, guide youth league members to play an exemplary role, urge the majority of young people to love learning, love work, know honor and disgrace, establish new style, promote harmony, and better serve enterprises and society!


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