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Warm Congratulations On The Establishment Of The New Leadership Of Zhong Yun Intelligent Machinery (Yantai) Co., LTD

Date: 18/01/2019   View: 33  Tags: Zhong Yun intelligent machinery Yantai Company Leadership

On January 17, Zhong Yun intelligent machinery (Yantai) co., ltd. held a meeting to set up the new leadership group. Qu Qing, chairman of China coal group and Zhong Yun group, attended and delivered a speech. At the meeting, with the approval of the board of directors, wang kun was elected as the general manager of Zhong Yun intelligent machinery (Yantai) co., LTD., and Li Hong, Wang Shasha, Ma Mingfei, Wang Meng and Gao Zhenzhen as the deputy general managers (one month's probation).

At the meeting, China coal group, China transport group chairman Qu Qing highly affirmed the Yantai Company in the past year's development achievements, and the new leadership and the development of Yantai Company put forward hope. Canal chairman said that leadership is the center of the enterprise all activities and the core, good leadership to the continued healthy and stable development of the enterprise provides a scientific decision and efficient management, can really inspire the enterprise the competitive advantage, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, the hope of intelligent machine (Yantai) co., LTD under the new leadership, going all out, pioneering innovation, successfully completed the mission of the 2019 target, lead the Yantai company continuously made new achievements and brilliant!

Of intelligent machine (Yantai) Co., LTD., general manager of Wang Kun made a gesture to speak, he says, thanks to the canal, the chairman of trust, thanks to the group's support, we have the confidence, the new leadership are determined under the leadership of the group, make concerted efforts, fulfill his duties and lead the company all staff go all out to jointly promote the cause of the company to obtain a bigger development!

It is believed that under the strong leadership of the group, in 2019, the leading group of Zhong Yun intelligent machinery (Yantai) co., ltd. will lead all the cadres and employees to head for a new development journey!

Group photo of the new leadership


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